Representing users, transforming services | Polar Insight
Representing users, transforming services | Polar Insight


Confidence at every stage of your service journey


Sales and Service Design

We help our clients negotiate and win better contracts through uncovering understanding, insights and evidence that:

βœ” Supports solution design by evidencing what service users want and what works for them.

βœ” Evidences co-production

βœ” Provides headline or detailed quotes and representative data for bid submissions.


Delivery and Improvement

We help our clients collect evidence about their existing services by:

βœ” Establishing robust and innovative feedback mechanisms that encourage ongoing innovation.

βœ” Accessing and evidencing additional key statistics to support their existing Management Information.

βœ” Identifying and implementing efficient and effective data collection and visualisation tools.


Evaluation and Social Value

We use quantitative and qualitative techniques to measure the social value and effectiveness of contracts before they are due for renewal to:

βœ” Understand what has worked, what hasn’t and what users would like to see next.

βœ” Assess the wider economic, environmental and social benefits of your contract to uncover new opportunities.

βœ” Help our clients meet the requirements of the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012.


Our Services


Research Recruitment

We use non-traditional techniques to identify and connect with the people and communities your organisation cares about.


Focus Groups

We bring together small groups of relevant, fully screened users or customers to explore and test new or existing ideas and services.


User Interviews

We conduct intimate, one to one interviews with customers or users to form a deep understanding of their context.


User Segmentation

Different users require different solutions. We’ll help you segment them into practical groups and identify differences so you can design and deliver your service with them in mind.


Research Films

Capturing communities on film, often in their homes, gives you an immersive understanding of the context within which they are interacting with a service.


Surveys & Quantitative Studies

Building a representative panel of users or customers and surveying them is a perfect way to gauge service appeal, price sensitivity and customer experience.


User Journey Mapping

Mapping how and why people interact with your service, in what order and alongside which other services enables you to design solutions that solve problems simply and efficiently.


Social Media Analysis

We use up to date open source intelligence techniques to help you understand what the individuals and communities you are interested in are speaking about online.